It Is Everyone's Job to Care for the Earth

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It Is Everyone's Job to Care for the Earth

My parents took caring for the environment very seriously when I was growing up, and I learned many great lessons during those years about just how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. When I met my husband, I noticed that he drove a "gas guzzler" vehicle, but I fell in love with him anyway! When we eventually got married and moved in together, I realized just how much he neglected the environment. Thankfully, he was very receptive to my lessons about caring for the earth and I realized that he didn't want to harm the planet, but he just didn't realize he was doing it. This made me realize that there are likely many other people out there who just don't know how their small everyday actions affect the environment. I decided to start a blog to share my tips for protecting the earth with everyone who wants to learn!


3 Tips For Keeping Your Home's Solar Panels In Optimal Condition

If you use solar panels to help provide your home its energy needs, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to keep them in optimal condition. If so, use the three tips below to keep the panels maintained.

Clear Off The Solar Panels Once A Month

The cleaner you keep your solar panels, the more energy from the sun they are able to absorb. However, dust, dirt, and debris can cover their surfaces over time, making them unable to fully take advantage of the sun's rays.

Once a month, clear off any branches, leaves, or dirt from the surfaces of the solar panels using a soft, long-handled broom or brush, Then, set the nozzle on your garden hose to a medium-light mist, and spray the panels clean.

Check For Any Damaged Panels 

After you have cleaned the panels, look for any signs of damage that may have occurred. Even small rocks blown against the panels on a windy day could have cracked a solar cell making them work less efficiently or not at all.

If you see any damaged panels, make note of how many and the locations. Then, contact a solar panel store to discuss your options about replacing either the individual cells or the entire panel.

Trim Back Trees And Shrubs Twice A Year

The more direct sunlight your solar panels come into contact with, the more they are able to store energy. Because of this, you need to make sure there are no bushes or trees blocking the sun's light.

One day twice a year, observe the way the shadows fall across the solar panels. Make these observations every one or two hours, especially in the afternoon when the strength of the sun's rays are at their peak.

When you see shadows across the panels, determine their source. If there is a bush close to the solar panel, consider trimming it back or moving it to a new location, especially if the branches tend to grow quickly.

If the source is a tree, trim the branches that are causing the shadows. You may need to ask for help with this job, depending on how large the tree grows.

Using the above tips should help keep your solar panels working efficiently. However, if you find that any of the panels are damaged, you may want to contact an online solar panel store, like ML Solar, to ask them about replacing them with panels that are compatible with your solar energy system.